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Raffaello Ducceschi
born in Milan february 25 of 1962

1970 - when I was 8 years old I was disqualified from a painting competition for children of the schools of my town because "it was impossible that I could paint the painting I presented"

1976 - When I was 14 years old Mickey Mouse did justice when I won a "Topolino" (Mickey Mouse italian name) painting competition.

1981 - Humanistic-scientist upper-school Diploma.

1981/84 - Architecture's studies in Milan

1981/92 Sport Career as professional athlet disguised as "Policeman amateur".

1984/88 - Two Olympic finals in Track and Fields, 50 km Race Walking.

1986 - I thought The Painting was arrived to the end and I left it for Sport and Design.

1990 - Industrial Design Diploma at "Scuola Politecnica di Design" in Milan, founded by Nino di Salvatore and Bruno Munari.

1990 - Began my Love for Geese and their Pens, Quills and the letters they produce.

1992 - untill now. I worked in my own office in Graphic, Fonts, Web and Industrial Design and Multimedia.

1994 - it was born "Leyre" my first calligraphic font.

2004 - Art Director of the magazin "Integral" (publisher RBA)

2004 - I divorced Italy and I married Barcelona.

2000 - I felt the need to come back to Painting.

2005 - I did it.

2004 - It was born "Mailander" my Black Letter (Old English) Grotesque, Sans-Serif (Gothic) font.

2006 - I was born "Catalanish" my Black Letter (Old English) Grotesque, Sans Serif (Gothic) calligraphic style for ball-point pen.

Some Customer
• Sesto San Giovanni Town Gouvernement (Milan)
• L'Hospitalet Town Gouvernement (Barcelona)
• Gavá town Gouvernement (Barcelona)
• Molina&Bianchi, Vigevano, Pavia, Italy
Alfredo Romero designer and painter
Associación Archiveros de Navarra
Pastelli di Gianna Pamich
tempo per due

1991 students from all the world stand my chattering with enormeous patience and kindness (for that reasons I love them) at University Schools of Milan, Como, Padua, Bozen and Barcelona talking, thinking, researching, esperimenting about Colours, Art and Design History, Multimeda, Calligraphy and Font Design, Web History and Web Theory.

PC use
In 1993 I fell in love with my first macintosh and though unfaithfull I never abandoned the family: since then I fought with software and hardware to do graphics, web, multimedia, 3D, programming, management, studying and using all the programs and languages necessaries to a professional level; I allways reached to solve all my problems without arrive to use the baseball bat.

Personal Expositions
- Salsomaggiore, February 2009 and February 2010,
- Sesto San Giovanni, April/May 2009
- Fidenza, september 2009
Fidenza, december 2009, Fidenza Palasport bas-relief unveiling dedicated the Professor Pratizzoli.
Barcelona, 26 July - 1st of August 2010, Track and Field Europe Championship 2010, Casa Italia, Grand Marina Hotel

Languages: italian, spanish, catalan, french, english, milanese, german, latin.

Alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Arab.

Musical Instrument: fiddle.
My mobil +34 63 63 64 210
office/house phone +34 93 794 0773
Raffaello Ducceschi
Calle Cadillac 8, S -1er, 2ª
Canet de Mar 08360